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Ever since she was a young child, Trish has loved creating things with her hands. She started her first business at the age of twelve selling handmade barettes to boutiques in New York state. 

Since that time Trish has continued to explore different mediums to express her creativity.  She has always been drawn to the beauty and elegance of natural gemstones and sterling silver.  Learning to manipulate these materials to create beautiful jewelry was a natural step for her. 

In 2003 wanted to create something special that she and her seven siblings could keep with them to remind all of them of their connection as a family during a difficult time.  She created a special bracelet for the women and a simple necklace for the men.  These pieces drew many compliments from friends and strangers alike which encouraged her to persue jewelry design and silversmithing further. 

From that time forward , Trish continued to expand her skills as a jewelry designer both through classes and hands-on experience.  In early 2004 Trish Thackston Designs was launched and has received much positive attention since then. Most recently Trish's designs were featured in an article in Northern Virginia Magazine.   She is very pleased to be able to present her collections to you.


Trish Thackston Designs is featured in the June/July issue of
Northern Virginia Magazine!